​​​​​Orogenic Architecture and Crustal Growth 

from Accretion to Collision

IGCP 662

37th International Geological Congress 2024, Busan, Korea.

welcome you to attend the “Orogenic architecture and crustal growth from accretion to collision (IGCP-662)” symposium

  • The Second Workshop and Field Excursion of IGCP662
  • Third circular of IGCP662 workshop
  • Second circular of IGCP662 workshop
  • First Workshop of IGCP-Project 662
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Symposium on “Orogenic Architecture, Crustal Growth, Metallogenesis & Global Geodynamics” 


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    3. Photos of the Second Workshop and Field Excursion of IGCP662, 04-10 July, 2019,Mongolia


  • [201809第一次会议野外考察]

    2. First Workshop and traning Course of Project IGCP662,2018


  • [201809第一次会议野外考察]

    1. Field Excursion of First Workshop of Project IGCP-662,15-20 September, 2018


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    0. Conference with IGCP662


Tao Wang,Reimar Seltmann, He Huang,Ying Tong,etc. Orogen architecture and crustal growth from accretion to collision (IGCP#662): Scientific Activities 2018-2019. June 2020,Episodes. 


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