​​​​​Orogenic Architecture and Crustal Growth 

from Accretion to Collision

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36th International Geological Conference in Delhi 2020-call for abstract
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Call for Abstracts for the forthcoming 36th International Geological Conference in Delhi, India  from 2-8 March 2020.

Within the United Nations, UNESCO alone has the mandate to support research and capacity building 
in Earth Sciences. The International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme  is our flagship.

The  International  Geoscience  and  Geoparks  Programme  (IGGP)  is  the  oldest  and  most  successful example  of  scientific  cooperation  between  a  non-governmental  organizations  - 
the  International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and Global Geoparks Network (GGN) and an intergovernmental organization – UNESCO. During almost 50 years, this programme has been the 
gateway to successful scientific  careers  in  pioneering  research  for  thousands  of  geoscientists.  The  37th  International Geological Conference provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the research work of UNESCO’s contribution to the geoscientific community and its impact.

Developing  an  advanced  understanding  of  the  Earth’s  fundamental  processes  and  resources  is essential to fulfilling the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.   At   this 
most important International Geological Congress proposes to hold a series of sub-symposia sessions to present the role of UNESCO and IUGS, link activities, achievements and outcome to the UN 
Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) focussing on contributions from the past and present IGCP projects and UNESCO Global Geoparks.

The  symposia  sessions  will  be  entitled  ‘The  roles  of  UNESCO,  IGCP  and  IUGS  in  realizing  the  UN Sustainable  Development  Goals’  and  the  details  can  be  found  by  the  
Symposium  No  1.12.  under Theme 1 (https://www.36igc.org/science-program). Online abstract submission and super early bird registration are open now. The maximum word limit of abstract is 
250 words without any illustrations, table and references and the last date for submission of Abstracts is 31st August 2019. We invite you to submit your abstract as soon as possible please.

If you will be unable to attend the conference in person for unforeseen reasons Dr Ozlem Adiyaman Lopes  from  UNESCO  may  present  it  on  your  behalf  as  your  project  was  delivered  under  UNESCO auspices.

Key contact details:

Ms Özlem Adiyaman Lopes: o.adiyaman@unesco.org
Ms Marie-Laure Faber: ml.faber@unesco.org